MOD-017-0.1: Aggregated Actual and Forecas t Demands and Net Energy for Load

To ensure that assessments and validation of past events and databases can be performed, reporting of actual Demand data is needed. Forecast demand data is needed to perform future system assessment to identify the need for system reinforcement for continued reliability. In addition to assist in proper real-time operating, load information related to controllable Demand-Side Management programs is needed.


Effective Date
May 13, 2009

R1. The Load-Serving Entity, Planning Authority and Resource Planner shall each provide the following information annually on an aggregated Regional, subregional, Power Pool, individual system, or Load-Serving Entity basis to NERC, the Regional Reliability Organizations, and any other entities specified by the documentation in Standard MOD-016-1_R1.

R1.1. Integrated hourly demands in megawatts (MW) for the prior year.

R1.2. Monthly and annual peak hour actual demands in MW and Net Energy for Load in gigawatthours (GWh) for the prior year.

R1.3. Monthly peak hour forecast demands in MW and Net Energy for Load in GWh for the next two years.

R1.4. Annual Peak hour forecast demands (summer and winter) in MW and annual Net Energy for load in GWh for at least five years and up to ten years into the future, as requested.

M1. Load-Serving Entity, Planning Authority, and Resource Planner shall each provide evidence to its Compliance Monitor that it provided load data per Standard MOD-017-0_R1.