IRO-006-WECC-2: Qualified Transfer Path Unscheduled Flow (USF) Relief

Mitigation of transmission overloads due to unscheduled flow on Qualified Transfer Paths.


4.1.Balancing Authority
4.2 Reliability Coordinator

Effective Date
On the latter of the first day of the first quarter at least 45 days after Regulatory approval, or upon complete implementation of applicable webSAS changes and FERC approval of this standard and the revised Unscheduled Flow Mitigation Plan Documents.

R1. Each Reliability Coordinator shall approve or deny a request within five minutes of receiving the request for unscheduled flow transmission relief from the Transmission Operator of a Qualified Transfer Path that will result in the calculation of a Relief Requirement. [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Real-time Operations]

R2.  Each Balancing Authority shall perform any combination of the following actions meeting  the Relief Requirement upon receiving a request for relief as described in Requirement R1: [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Real-time Operations]

  • Approve curtailment requests to the schedules as submitted
  • Implement alternative actions

M1. The Reliability Coordinator shall have evidence that it approved or denied the request within five minutes of receiving a request for relief, in accordance with Requirement R1.  Evidence may include, but is not limited to, documentation of either an active or passive approval.

M1.1.1 Each Balancing Authority shall have evidence that it provided the Relief Requirement through Contributing Schedules curtailments, alternative actions, or a combination that collectively meets the Relief Requirement as directed in Requirement R.2.