FAC-501-WECC-1: Transmission Maintenance

To ensure the Transmission Owner of a transmission path identified in the table  titled “Major WECC Transfer Paths in the Bulk Electric System” including associated facilities has a Transmission Maintenance and Inspection Plan (TMIP); and performs and documents maintenance and inspection activities in accordance with the TMIP.


Effective Date
On the first day of the first quarter, after applicable regulatory approval.

R.1. Transmission Owners shall have a TMIP detailing their inspection and maintenance requirements that apply to all transmission facilities necessary for System Operating Limits associated with each of the transmission paths identified in table titled “Major WECC Transfer Paths in the Bulk Electric System.”  [Violation Risk Factor: Medium]  [Time Horizon: Long-term Planning]

R.1.1. Transmission Owners shall annually review their TMIP and update as required. [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Long-term Planning]

R.2. Transmission Owners shall include the maintenance categories in Attachment 1-FAC-501-WECC-1 when developing their TMIP. [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Operations Assessment]

R.3. Transmission Owners shall implement and follow their TMIP. [Violation Risk Factor: Medium] [Time Horizon: Operations Assessment]

M1. Transmission Owners shall have a documented TMIP per R.1.

M1.1 Transmission Owners shall have evidence they have annually reviewed their TMIP and updated as needed.

M2. Transmission Owners shall have evidence that their TMIP addresses the required maintenance details of R.2.

M3. Transmission Owners shall have records that they implemented and followed their TMIP as required in R.3. The records shall include:
1. The person or crew responsible for performing the work or inspection,
2. The date(s) the work or inspection was performed,
3. The transmission facility on which the work was performed, and 4. A description of the inspection or maintenance performed.

Attachment 1-FAC-501-WECC-1  

Transmission Line and Station Maintenance Details  

The maintenance practices in the TMIP may be performance-based, time-based, conditional based, or a combination of all three.  The TMIP shall include:

1. A list of Facilities and associated Elements necessary to maintain the SOL for the transfer paths identified in the most current Table titled “Major WECC Transfer Paths in the Bulk Electric System;”

2. The scheduled interval for any time-based maintenance activities and/or a description supporting condition or performance-based maintenance activities including a description of the condition based trigger;

3. Transmission Line Maintenance Details:

a. Patrol/Inspection

b. Contamination Control

c. Tower and wood pole structure management

4. Station Maintenance Details:

a. Inspections

b. Contamination Control

c. Equipment Maintenance for the following:

• Circuit Breakers

• Power Transformers (including phase-shifting transformers)

• Regulators

• Reactive Devices (including, but not limited to, Shunt Capacitors, Series  Capacitors, Synchronous Condensers, Shunt Reactors, and Tertiary Reactors)