BAL-004-0: Time Error Correction

The purpose of this standard is to ensure that Time Error Corrections are conducted in a manner that does not adversely affect the reliability of the Interconnection.


  • Reliability Coordinators
  • Balancing Authorities

Effective Date
April 1, 2005

R1. Only a Reliability Coordinator shall be eligible to act as Interconnection Time Monitor. A single Reliability Coordinator in each Interconnection shall be designated by the NERC Operating Committee to serve as Interconnection Time Monitor.

R2. The Interconnection Time Monitor shall monitor Time Error and shall initiate or terminate corrective action orders in accordance with the NAESB Time Error Correction Procedure.

R3. Each Balancing Authority, when requested, shall participate in a Time Error Correction by one of the following methods:

R3.1. The Balancing Authority shall offset its frequency schedule by 0.02 Hertz, leaving the Frequency Bias Setting normal;


R3.2. The Balancing Authority shall offset its Net Interchange Schedule (MW) by an amount equal to the computed bias contribution during a 0.02 Hertz Frequency Deviation (i.e. 20% of the Frequency Bias Setting).

R4. Any Reliability Coordinator in an Interconnection shall have the authority to request the Interconnection Time Monitor to terminate a Time Error Correction in progress, or a scheduled Time Error Correction that has not begun, for reliability considerations.

R4.1. Balancing Authorities that have reliability concerns with the execution of a Time Error Correction shall notify their Reliability Coordinator and request the termination of a Time Error Correction in progress.

Not Specified.